2019 President’s Message

Beginning, a very good place to start

Past President Lorna Weston-Symth, President Joyce Marshall, Secretary-Treasurer Kim Beatty

Happy New Year!
Did you know that the month of January was named after Janus, a 2-faced god or a god with 2 heads for his ability to have one face to reflect upon the past and the other face to pointing to the future?
January marks the new year for most of us—A new Beginning, which in turn reminds me of the movie, The Sound Of Music—when Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp children sing, “Let’s start at the beginning, A very good place to start”.
For BPW Durham, the beginning was 1988 in the month of January when it all began. The charter meeting held at a golf course in north Durham was a chilly, snowy evening with about 20 women attending and joining.
Fast forward to January, 2019, as we again celebrate our charter evening where only 2 charter members have stayed the course for 30 years. Life changes, members move and new members join.
As one of the 2 remaining  charter members, you might well ask why I am still a member? I no longer have a business, but trust that I conduct myself in a professional manner, especially when I represent the organization in the community.
I have stayed as a member because I believe in the core values of this organization and I realize that my membership fees are spread throughout the 4 levels of this international organization. The 4 levels include local club (Durham), Provincial, National and International. With a click of the computer mouse, I can search for news and happenings  from clubs around the world. My membership helps women around the world who I will never meet, except via the  internet.
The core values of BPW  include:  1) equal opportunity and participation, 2) respect for diversity, 3) peace and security for all, and 4) celebrate our achievements.
The best way to celebrate our achievements is to  be reminded how our yearly resolutions have made an impact in the lives of women and their families around the world. These resolutions are archived and available on the BPW website. We need to remember the  amount of research and time involved that goes into creating resolutions that are presented to governments who in turn change them into laws, which hopefully improve employment and living  conditions for the betterment of all.
In closing, let me wish you all the best for 2019. I trust for those who read this message, that you take some time to research the history of the Business and Professional Women’s Organization via the computer and that one of  your January resolutions for 2019  is to attend a BPW meeting somewhere in the world.
Again Happy New Year!








Joyce Marshall,
President BPW Durham