Walk the TALK Keynote Speaker – Lorna Weston Smyth

The quiet voice of change that keeps the focus on the end goal to accelerate success.

If you need professional Toronto executive consultants to take your business to the next level, or even just a motivational coach to inspire you further, then Lorna Weston Smyth is the person you’re looking for. Her keen insight on both business and life might be the key to your own success. Learn from this experienced executive coach today, and discover new ways to tackle everyday challenges.
Whether you need a coach to develop your rising stars, a motivational keynote speaker, or a success workshop organizer, Lorna can do it all—and then some. She offers a suite of programs designed to help you find your creative solutions for both today’s and tomorrow’s problems.
Lorna is a professional leadership and mindset executive coach, trainer and speaker who brings intentional and simple principles that have been known and used by the greatest leaders and most successful people in the world. Using a combination of analytical and creative skills, she will help you produce agile solutions that make great contributions to your company’s performance. Unhindered by traditional ways of working, she enables you to come up with your own ideas of how things can be done differently.
Lorna has been trained and certified by the internationally recognized #1 leadership expert Dr John C Maxwell and a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team. This team of coaches, trainers and speakers have been trained and certified to help people be intentional in their lives both privately and professionally—by working with purpose and having a solid plan. Lorna was tutored by world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown and is a member of the Women Speakers Association as well as a member of IMPACT – International Membership of Professional Advisors Coaches and Trainers. Lorna is also a trained facilitator of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why Program.

A dynamic, resourceful and a dedicated life-long learner, Lorna is passionate about bringing creativity and positive energy to every task and endeavour she undertakes in an organized and professional manner.