A Message from the President of BPW Ontario

Now is the time to make changes to protect our children. BPW members who participated in Project ONroute will remember how over 1600 Ontarians gathered at 12 ONroutes to celebrate the dream of a 16 year-old survivor on July 30, 2019. I have attached a copy of the report which highlights the historic event BPW Ontario was part of. 
The impact of the pandemic did not miss Project Maple Leaf.  Many revisions over the past two years has resulted in this July 30th instead of large groups gathering at specific locations, designated individuals will be Project Maple Leaf ambassadors.
Project Maple Leaf ambassadors include these BPW sisters:

  • Karin Gorgerat
  • Colleen Babiuk-Ilkiw
  • Joanne Murray
  • Vanessa Tynedal
  • Kelly Tallon Franklin
  • Heather Ellis

We will be standing with human trafficking survivors, stakeholders, and allies across Canada to raise the awareness about human trafficking of minors in Canada and the need to eradicate it. 
I am calling all BPW Ontario members to action and requesting their support for Project Maple Leaf on July 30th. Your participation requires only a few minutes of your time on July 30th: 

  1. Print one of the attached signs.  They are attached in English and French.
  2. Take a picture or make a video of you holding the sign. 
  3. Post your picture or video to your social media and include the following hashtags: #bpwdurham, #bpwontario, #canadabpw, #projectmapleleaf, #notforsale, #stopsexualexploitation, #courageforfreedom, #every30seconds
  4. Send a copy of yourself holding the sign to BPW Ontario President and Courage for Freedom
  5. Share this with your contacts and encourage them to participate in this very important movement. 

I have attached the script for those making videos in English and French.

Please join me in being part of the change.

In BPW sisterhood,
Heather Ellis, OCT, M.Ed.
President, BPW Ontario