Project ONroute

Dear BPW Durham Members and Friends,
Would you help by copying and sending your MPP’s an email this February 22nd on Canada's Human Trafficking Awareness Day? The email message is below the double horizontal line on this page, and we have provided a link below where you can download the the list of MPP's - you can send to yours, or even to ALL! Please ensure you attach a copy of the postcard (also available below) for download in your send.

We would like MPP's to know how we all feel, what we think about the crisis in our province with respect to issues about Human Trafficking of minor aged victims along our highways and the need for awareness, prevention and community supports. (There is a full brief sent to the Minister of Transportation and available should you like one that will be media released too.) Please use the hashtag #ProjectONroute on social media outlets (launched following Feb 22).

Can we fill their inboxes with concern and emails? We are counting on you to help make that happen! Along with this would you copy, paste, cross post and rsvp for July 30th - so we can send just one email for now.
Joyce Marshall, President
BPW Durham

I am writing to share exciting news of a historic Provincial human trafficking awareness campaign called #ProjectONroute with you and your constituents.

The ownership for the campaign itself came through an agency called Courage for Freedom (Farmtown Canada) and belongs to minor aged victims who created media ads and then negotiated their use to show 2 million screen impressions at the 20 ONroutes in Ontario on large screen over a 30-day period (annually). This project was developed without request or expense to the federal or provincial government as to not interfere with important funding and work being done and in cooperation and collaboration with partners volunteering their time and energy across the Province.

Today - February 22nd, on Canada's Human Trafficking Awareness Day, I send this email to bring this project to your attention for comment, support and response.

This is a personal invitation for you requesting your consideration and attendance rsvp (with all the details in the attached "save the date" postcard).

SAVE THE DATE July 30 International Day to End Slavery of Persons at 9:20 a.m, one hour only - we ask you join with others at an ONroute location of your choosing RSVP

I would further ask your consideration and help to invite colleagues, co-workers, agencies and constituents to join this campaign too.

Sharing the postcard via email, social media or word of mouth and media are permissible along copy and displaying. Share away!

Rsvp by emailing the project leads from Courage for Freedom and/or Business Professional Women of Ontario and Global Shapers via with your rsvp and attendance confirmation. They have advised a response with a media release overview and more information for your knowledge and to use and share in your community will be provided closer to the ONroute date. Thank you.

Your Name

Download Excel file
2019 Ontario MPP List